#12 – A Comfortable Bed All to Myself

I thank God because I have an awesome place to work on going to sleep. Having a comfy place to sleep at the end of any day is a blissy indulgence for me, and I don’t take it for granted at all. Having been homeless means I haven’t always had a comfortable place to sleep. Living on tight budgets for decades meant that I slept on the best I could find at second hand shops, or thanked people profusely for their giveaways to me and my husband. They were better than sleeping on a couch or the floor, but most weren’t like the one I have now.

The bed frame is second hand but honestly so perfectly right for my taste and pleasure. I feel like someone I could admire when I come into my bedroom and see that bed. Truth. The mattress is new, and taught me something about how a mattress can be firm and soft enough to handle my fibromyalgia tenderness.

I toss and turn a lot because of the fibro, so I need really smooth and soft sheets on the bed. Then I need lots of room to move around, so this is a Double Bed, or Full Size. These sheets are cotton sateen, so they don’t abrade my skin from the tossing and turning, and the weight is perfectly comfortable to move within. Though I am happily sleeping alone, and adding that I have a really good internal body furnace, the cotton is perfect for my night sweatiness.

The quilt is a fabulous one that my younger sister made in 2009. It’s cotton, and perfectly weighted for me. I’m so amazed at the the colors in its design, and how wonderfully vibrant they are for my autumnal décor. Because it was made by someone I love and who loves me, I’m sure you understand that I feel like I’m hugged when I slide inside the sheets.

I LOVE spreading across the bed like a starfish, and no one to apologize to for tossing and turning so much, as well as no one to worry about bumping when I need to change positions. After sharing a bed with siblings and then a husband for nearly three decades, this is a HUGE luxury for me!

And for those of you with sharp eyes, yes, that’s a cpap machine next to the bed. It’s a bit of a challenge sleeping with a hose on the nose, but – it sure beats choking during the sleep cycle (which is what I was doing without it).

2 thoughts on “#12 – A Comfortable Bed All to Myself

  1. That quilt is a beauty! I have a handmade one on my bed – the wedding ring pattern. It is over 30 yrs old and has been in constant use. It is starting to show its age… Now I’m thinking I need to replace it but haven’t found one I like as well! We just bought new mattresses for the boys and they couldn’t believe the difference it made in their sleep quality. Now its time for us to get one – I think 25 years is long enough to wait! Glad you are sleeping in luxury!

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    • The new mattresses are really superior to what we’ve had to choose from before. I was skeptical, but was gratified to find something that was just what I was promised for less cost than one I bought before.


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