#11 – Laundry at HOME

If you can’t shoot, do laundry.

After years of doing laundry in an apartment laundry room or laundromat, being able to do laundry at home anytime I want is an amazing luxury.

Sharing laundry facilities has led to some of my wash not coming clean enough, because the person before me worked in mud or an engine shop. It’s a gamble you can’t do much to avoid, so you learn to wash the dark items first.

I like not having to make sure I have enough coins before I sort the clothes. I also like not having to leave my wash in a line as I wait for an empty machine. Add that if I want to wash a few items in a special way and not pay for a full load of wash – well, that’s where the feeling of luxury comes from.

I deeply appreciate getting my clothes clean, dry and put away never going out in the rain or cold, while slouching around in pajamas and drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee – ‘cause I’m awesome like that!

(Maybe I’ll even try on a Star Wars outfit when I do it.)

2 thoughts on “#11 – Laundry at HOME

  1. Son#2 is appreciating the washer/dryer that he had before he moved into an apartment. He can’t procrastinate and “forget” to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer! He hasn’t complained – yet. But we haven’t had snow either. He did ask if he could use my washer and dryer when visiting but hasn’t taken advantage of the convenience. I’m hoping he is going to take his winter clothes back to his apartment soon… Congratulations on having your own private laundry!!

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