#10 – Autumn!

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I have a friend who said that she only sees October as the month when everything is dying. To me – it’s a PARTY! All the colors are out like Halloween costumes, and all the wood smoke and leaf burning is like incense wafting skyward. Wonderful leaves to scuff through that sing a whooshing sound as you go along like no dirt road can do during the summertime.

I don’t know if it has been the release from the heat, the fun of another school year of information for my hungry mind, or even new school supplies and clothing that made autumn so welcome in my life. Probably all of it.

All of the plants and trees begin showing their produce at this time of year, too. So many things yield their identities with the fruits, nuts, berries or even just fluffy seeds become visible and also add their colors. Busy wildlife gathering it all in (squirrels!), and even pelting me with some of it at times made for some hilarity for me as I enjoyed traipsing through forests or weeded prairie fields as a child.

All of the sturdy harvest foods begin replacing the fragile produce of summer, and it tastes so good because it was cooked inside the cozy home. The family gathers like they can’t stand to do during the summertime because it’s too dang HOT unless you’ve got a/c. Give me the cool, brisk, bountiful, and sassy AUTUMN days anytime! 

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