I’ve Arrived!

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I feel like I finally arrived in the 21st century! I have moved away from one town to another. One of the complications is that I don’t have a bank facility very close to me. All of them are about 5 to 10 miles away. This isn’t much of a problem, until I have a paper check to deposit or cash.

I got a refund from the insurance policy I cancelled because I found a different company is cheaper. I really didn’t want to travel to the bank to deposit anything that small.

My younger son has an account at the same bank as I do, and I saw him take a picture of a check and it was deposited in his account. So, I went to the phone app, and figured out how to do it. Woo Hoo! No gas used in this action, but the money will be deposited and available as it usually is: on the next banking day (in this case, Monday).

I don’t know why I waited so long to grow this skill. I’m fairly tech savvy and I have no inner resistance to it. I think it was just convenient and fool proof to go to the local remote site and use the ATM on my way to the store when I had one very close to home.

I just had to tell someone, without coming over as boastful or weird. I’m just old and tickled that I managed a younger woman’s skillset.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Arrived!

  1. Wow! I have never tried that. In fact I have an ATM card that I’ve never used! I always have my husband deposit checks or have direct deposit. I’ve seen this before but I’ve never tried to do it. Maybe its time I jumped into the 21st century too!

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    • I think that’s why I hadn’t tried it before, too. My paychecks are all electronically deposited, as are my tax refunds. My son and I have used Zelle to exchange funds from time to time, as that is the cash transfer app that my bank prefers. I have used my Debit card a lot before I got my rewards card from my bank, so I use that now instead most of the time. It’s nice to have some cash come back, and it’s easier to get a refund on a bad transaction via the rewards card than the Debit. I’ve just never tried the paper check thing. If it wasn’t that it was so small, I might have mailed it with “for deposit only” on the back. Now, I don’t think I’ll ever worry about mailing a paper check for deposit again. Nice!


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