#5 and 6 – Revisiting Thankfulness for my Home and Work

As I mentioned earlier, I have moved closer to my family. This meant crossing state lines though the distance was only about 20 miles.

So, I had the fun of trying to get new plates for my car along with a new driver’s license when I first arrived, as my plates were expiring. Try doing this under pandemic considerations and it gets really tricky. I had to use my “Senior Walk in” card, to some of the sad faces of young folks trying to get their first license by appointment only. I will only say that I was desperate not to get a ticket when traveling to see my doctors in Wisconsin.

I made the move with trust that God will ensure that I can continue working from home rather than driving the typical 90 min to my job from this new location. I wanted to be closer to family, and I needed a bigger home to enjoy. Getting a retirement benefit made that all possible.

So, here is where I thanked God for my home in Wisconsin. That’s so you can compare pictures.

I thank God so much for the new home, but I have to admit that I am dealing with some of what Simone Biles is right now: disorientation. She has it impeding her sense of air space (aka “the twisties”). I have it impeding my sense of routine space.

I’m not sure what routine to follow some days, and I don’t have comfort zones set in just yet. So I am losing energy just trying to find a “typical day” in this new life. I guess I’m redefining myself a bit, too. There are new nice people as neighbors, and a different kind of lifestyle for shopping and outing options. Add in more family contact and it’s a whirling mentally baffling blend to respond to.

This is a good problem! But, I have to admit it’s still a drain on my mental processes, and I am doing my best to find routines that build me up enough to enjoy the breaks from routines more.

Having explained that much, I just want to take the time to Thank God for this new home!

The little sign in the heart frame says “Welcome”

My Patio: I LOVE having a patio, and I guess it shows with the way I’ve decorated it. The flowers were a Mother’s Day gift from my firstborn and his wife, and I was dubious about it’s ability to endure my care as a non-gardener. It’s proven to love me and just flourished! The bench holds toys and charcoal as well as providing a nice casual spot to plop. The table and chairs (aluminum, not cast iron) have allowed me to watch fireflies dancing in the evening, while I’ve enjoyed a book and a beverage, or even a meal. Skeets are blown away with a fan I didn’t have on the porch when taking the photos. The little sign hanging in the heart shape says “Welcome” and faces the parking lot.

I just want to add that I get a lot of gifts with flag themes, because I share a birthday with the US flag: June 14th. So I have a few things on display in that flag theme for that reason ONLY.

My Living room: Here is where I enjoy chatting with visitors, reading or even watching TV. The grandson’s toys are on the left, facing the doorway to the patio. I am decorated with a summery yellow theme at this time, and I love how bright it all feels.

I love the ceiling fan and how it helps me cool down faster than just using the ac. The coat closet is deeper than the usual closet, so it works for both the coats and some storage as well.

The windows bring in all the fresh air and light, but are high enough that there is still some privacy from persons walking to and from the parking lot. My former neighbor noticed how quiet this home is from sounds above or next to me. This place was built in 2002, and is very solid.

The dining room area is to the front left, and you’ll get to see that next.

#6 – My Job: This is where I work and where I enjoy sitting down for a meal by myself or with company. I can also set up my sewing machine here, or work on painting a picture if that’s what I want to do! I only had a counter to use as a bar before, and I just hate clambering up on a bar chair (I’m only 4’10”). So I would sit and hold my food before I moved here. And as for the painting: I painted those two pictures at two different Paint and Sip outings, and I’ve been bitten by the painting bug ever since. I’m working on having seasonal pictures to change them from season to season.

My grandson and I are enjoying a few meals with conversation, now that we have a dining area. Imagine that! He also loves having a place to play with playdoh and kinetic sand without so much worry about it spilling or falling on carpeting. Me, too!

On weekdays, that corner with the computer is is where I work. It’s a nice and handy corner that allows me to see out a window or even have music on the TV channels playing. I also like being near the coffee corner behind me.

Most of all – when I want to take a break, I can walk away from my “work” and relax. That’s a perfect option for people who work from home like me, but don’t want to put their offices in the bedroom, or work in a closet. I am right where I can answer the door for deliveries, too.

Back to #4 – My Home: The kitchen is behind the “job site” and has a peek through wall so I can continue to visit with my visitors (or peek at the TV) while I am working in there. I have a dishwasher and a garbage disposal, along with the fridge and stove (all electric). I brought my own microwave. I honestly love working in a kitchen that can be left to wait while I visit with guests and no one sees the mess, chuckle.

I didn’t do much to look like a magazine spread, so pardon the “I LIVE here” look.

I enjoy how fast everything cleans up, as everything is conveniently located for cleaning and usefulness.

It’s as if God made sure all the right things are where I need them to be, and I honestly believe that’s what happened.

A nice and peaceful resting place.

And now, just a peek at my bedroom before we close. Please excuse the clothing I am sorting through for a rummage sale on the end of the bed and top of the chest there.

I use the armoire for my folding clothes, and have a walk in closet across the room from it. There’s a window to the right as well.

This is my favorite place to rest, and do a starfish sprawl at night in my double bed.

The chair on the left is a convertible, and changes to a bed when my grandson comes for a visit. He’s gotten quite good at folding it back up in the morning!

So – my new home is a joy for me, as is my workplace and work.

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