A Fresh Start

I wholly enjoyed being on Xanga, but I admit that I just can’t afford to use that site anymore since they’ve moved to a payment system.  I’m an older single adult who’s currently unemployed, so my means are going to be limited for some time.

Since I have been unemployed with no unemployment benefits; I am facing a few life changes that I was trying to avoid for at least another 10 years.

First, I am going to have to move from a home that was large enough to entertain guests in and move into something smaller.  I loved this current home for its cozy sweetness; but I honestly never had many guests here.  Everyone I love and enjoy are frantically busy with other relationships or responsibilities, so this home wasn’t as utilized as I had thought it might.  The next place will be smaller and just cozy for me to live in rather than entertain so much.  That means it will be easier to clean, and will need to be a sanctuary for me to feel relaxed in.  This change will require a lot of “stuff” to leave.

I haven’t owned anything like fine furniture or other valuable items in my life, so there’s no reason to pay storage fees for anything – even if I could afford to.  After a year or so, I would have spent the amount of money that it would cost to replace anything I might put there.  I know this, because I did that once before in my life and realized the folly of it only after spending the fees.

So, I am making choices I didn’t think I’d have to make for awhile.  I am getting rid of my china, stemware, silverware, pots and pans, pitchers, blender, food processor and all other manner of dining or kitchen items.  I will not be needing them, because I will no longer be hostessing anything in a home that will need the supplies.  If I manage to hostess anything, it might be in a restaurant where they have all the things for the occasion.  I will no longer be baking or cooking large meals.  I will buy baked goods, accepting donations from baking friends and family, and keeping my culinary activities very simple.  My body needs me to lower the caloric intake because it’s older now.  I am far too well padded to keep stuffing it the way I have been doing.

I’ll be choosing to get rid of the couch, love seats, recliner (never use it myself), and all other furnishings that won’t fit into a one room domicile.  If I can’t lift it, I don’t want to own it.  The only exception might be a bed.  I am getting rid of the Queen sized bed, though.  It’s time to move down to a Twin sized bed.  It’s cheaper and easier to make, and fits into a bedroom with a smaller footprint, allowing room for a seat, my dresser and computer desk.

At first, there was some grief.  I am sure the pangs will resurface now and then.  But, mostly I am willing to see that this is part of living and knowing my limits.  I also hope that it will allow me to do more outside of my sanctuary.

We’ll have to see!

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